Monday, August 29, 2011

Astoria Sunset

The sunset this evening was rather spectacular. Taken from Hallet's Cove. No photoshopping, color correction, or other changes to the images.


  1. Can an actual photographer person (i.e., not me) tell me why the reflected image of the sunset in the water was so much more accurate for colors than the sky itself in my photos?

  2. Amazing, amazing pics. 'Course, it was an amazing, amazing sunset...

  3. Wow this is wonderful Virginia, so beautiful! I am not an photographer :-) but my teori on this is that you have an backlight in the sky that makes the sky more difficul to shoot. Actual photographer persons solve this problem with a filter on the lens that makes the sky a bit more dark while it keeps the water original. The filter is either square and you can change dark/original up or down, the other one is round and you can screw it (hmm that sounds maybe not right...) on the lens and choose where you want darker and where you want original. This filter is also used to take silky shots of running water...