Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Random Selection of Vacation Photos

All pix can be clicked on to embiggen. Especially if you need to read text. (which is worth the click)

A street in Philadelphia

Same street in Philly.

Awesome mural in Philly.

Thistle at Virginia Tech

High speed sunset in Blacksburg, VA

Same sunset

Entry "stone" to Foamhenge, near Natural Bridge, VA

Foamhenge, with Georgia in the foreground


Theory 1 of Stonehenge's construction.

View of the mountains and clouds from Foamhenge

More mountains from Foamhenge

Theory 2 of Stonehenge's construction

Outstandingly tacky foam statue of Merlin

More Foamhenge

Georgia between the foam stones

Bruce and GA at Foamhenge


  1. Lovely photos Virginia! Wow, that wall in Philly is awesome! And Stonehenge in foam, so cool :-) Thank you for sharing your vacation my friend!

  2. dude you were in my part of the world! how neat!:)

  3. and I'm just wondering why I never knew there was another blog...hmmmmmmm...

  4. I wonder how many sacrifices there have been at Foamhenge...and how many involved inflatable sheep.